About us

Synatom is a unique company that plays a key role in the nuclear fuel cycle in Belgium.

At the front end of the cycle, we reliably supply nuclear operators with enriched uranium at a competitive price at the time and place of their choice.

The nuclear operators are solely responsible for production of the assemblies and their use in the reactors.

At the back end of the cycle, we take all the action needed to make spent nuclear fuel assemblies safe for the future.
Synatom also provides highly specific financial services. Pursuant to the Act of April 11, 2003, we are responsible for covering:
  • the costs of decommissioning nuclear power plants;
  • the costs associated with managing spent fuel assemblies until their final transfer to ONDRAF/NIRAS.

Over the years we are building up considerable financial provisions.

Important note

Synatom is not an industrial player. Rather, it is a centre of expertise that signs agreements with specialised bodies and companies to successfully perform its technical and financial duties.