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Key players in the nuclear fuel cycle in Belgium

AFCN: The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, responsible for protecting the general population, workers and the environment from the dangers of ionising radiation.

BELGOPROCESS: A subsidiary of ONDRAF/NIRAS. It is responsible for the treatment and conditioning of all types of radioactive waste as well as the temporary storage of conditioned Belgian radioactive waste

Bel V: A subsidiary of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, to which it provides technical expertise for carrying out inspections in nuclear power plants and other nuclear and radiological installations in Belgium.

CREG: The Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission is the federal regulator for the electricity and natural gas markets in Belgium.

EDF Belgium: is a power generation subsidiary of the Électricité de France (EDF) group in Belgium. It holds a 50% stake in the Tihange 1 nuclear power plant.

EDF Luminus: A subsidiary of the EDF (Électricité de France) group. It holds a stake in the Doel 3 and 4 and Tihange 2 and 3 nuclear power plants.

ENGIE: A global energy player with expertise in three businesses: electricity, natural gas and energy services.

ELECTRABEL: A subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, Electrabel is the operator of Belgium’s seven nuclear reactors.

EURIDICE: European Underground Research Infrastructure for Disposal of nuclear waste in Clay Environment is an Economic Interest Grouping comprising NIRAS-ONDRAF and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN). It coordinates the research and development programme for geological disposal.

NIRAS-ONDRAF: The Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials is responsible for the day-to-day management of all radioactive waste produced in Belgium. It has the status of a public body and is accountable to the federal ministers for economic affairs and energy.

SCK•CEN: One of Belgium’s largest research centres, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre develops peaceful applications for radioactivity. Working closely with NIRAS-ONDRAF, SCK•CEN helps to research sustainable solutions for the long-term management of radioactive waste.

TRACTEBEL Engie: An engineering consultancy within the ENGIE Group. Its areas of expertise include the management of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear power stations.

TRANSNUBEL: The Belgian leader in transport of radioactive materials.

International companies

ORANO: a global leader in nuclear energy, Orano is present at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.

CAMECO: a Canadian company and one of the world’s largest uranium producers.

CENTRUS: a US company specialising in the supply of enriched uranium.

CONVERDYN: a US company specialising in uranium conversion.

HOLTEC: a US company specialising primarily in the management of nuclear fuel and waste.

TENEX: is a Russian company specialising in the export of uranium products.

URENCO: a UK company specialising in uranium enrichment.

WESTINGHOUSE: a US company specialising in nuclear technology and in particular the nuclear fuel cycle. Has a plant in Belgium.

International bodies

NEA: The Nuclear Energy Agency is a specialised agency within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It assists member countries in maintaining and further developing the scientific, technological and legal bases for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

IAEA: The International Atomic Energy Agency is an international organisation under the auspices of the UN. It works to promote the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy and to inhibit its use for any military purpose.

IEA: The International Energy Agency is an autonomous organisation linked with the OECD. Its mission is to implement an international energy programme.

EURATOM: Also known as the EAEC (European Atomic Energy Community), Euratom brings together the 28 Member States of the European Union. It operates in areas relating to nuclear energy such as research, the development of safety standards and the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Through its Supply Agency, Euratom also carries out centralised monitoring of supplies of ores and nuclear fuels.

OECD: The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development brings together 30 countries from around the world, including Belgium.

World Nuclear Association: The WNA is an international organisation that promotes nuclear energy and supports companies engaged in nuclear energy applications.